Meet the Dream Team

Casey | Dental Assistant

Always sweet and pleasant, Casey is very dedicated to her patients. Whether assisting Dr. Thompson with a complete smile rehab or showing a young child how to brush, Casey makes sure that her patients are comfortable, relaxed and happy. She always goes the extra mile to grab a blanket for a chilly patient or hold the hand of a nervous one. When asked what she loves most about her job at Dream Dentist, she replied, “Helping patients overcome their fears.”

Lauren | Dental Hygienist

As a registered dental hygienist, Lauren understands that preventive dentistry is key to a long-lasting beautiful smile. She is passionate about oral hygiene and very dedicated to her patients’ comfort. Lauren has a delicate touch and even provides numbing agents to give an extra layer of comfort to those with sensitive teeth or gums. When asked to describe the best part of her job, she said, “When my patients say, ‘That was the best cleaning I’ve ever had in my life.'”

Lorin | Dental Assistant

As a dedicated people-pleaser, Lorin always puts patients ahead of herself. She’s an excellent dental assistant that has assisted Dr. Thompson with everything from porcelain veneers to IV Sedation to tooth bonding to Invisalign to gum lifts to porcelain crowns and bridges. Lorin is motivated by patient satisfaction and she works hard to achieve it. When asked to name something that she loves about her job, she said, “I love assisting with the many veneer cases.”

Lacey | Office Manager

Knowledgeable and friendly are two words to describe Lacey. She’s more than an office manager; she’s the glue that holds the entire office together. From making sure that patients are seen on-time to decoding insurance benefits for patients, Lacey is best at helping the office run smoothly and she’s the go to person if there’s a difficult question. When asked what she enjoys most about working at Dream Dentist, she said, “I love when patients tell me they love this office.”