Dental Technology

Advanced dental technology is streamlining every aspect of the dental process for both patients and dentists. Dr. Sarah Thompson incorporates innovative technology into her practice to ensure safe, fast, and effective treatments for everyone.

At Dream Dentist, procedures are also more comfortable with the help of new dental tools and dental sedation. We offer powerful at-home and in-office cosmetic treatment options. We have the latest smile makeover treatments and technology for ultimate transformations.

Some of the advantages of advanced dental technology include:

  • Improved efficiency for faster procedures
  • Fewer appointments for a reduced cost
  • Improved accuracy and increased success rates
  • Lesser bleeding and shortened recovery time
  • Enhanced patient comfort and satisfaction

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Thompson protects her patients with digital x-ray technology. Digital x-rays offer superior resolution with less patient radiation exposure. They ensure accurate diagnoses, greater patient safety, and shorter dental examinations.

With our digital x-rays, you will be exposed to half the amount of radiation of traditional x-rays. Our x-rays produce high quality images that allows Dr. Thompson to see important indicators of decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Get Involved in Your Dental Care

One of the other benefits of digital x-rays is that the images transfer instantly to a computer monitor. At Dream Dentist, we provide 2 monitors in every room–one for you, and one for Dr. Thompson.

Finally, you can feel involved in your own oral health. You’ll have your own computer monitor where you can see your x-rays and get a close-up look at the same images Dr. Thompson is seeing. It will be easier for you to ask questions and take control of your oral health care.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of our advanced dental technology at Dream Dentist. To schedule your appointment, just contact our office today!